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User Agreement Reference English version (translated to Chinese as intended)

User Agreement

Site is a global trading platform for trading, buying site merchandise players, no matter what the host country, notes the purchase of goods, it is possible for personal use, and violation of local laws, do not order the service platform in the country an unlawful activity. To protect your rights, please read the following, when you use this website service, deemed to have agreed to comply with all of the following terms:

Silver Light online entertainment currency trading platform (hereinafter referred to as Party A) is the trading platform set up one website, number of points the game for the media trade issues with the Site users (hereinafter referred to as Party B) entered into a user agreement (hereinafter referred to as the contracts), both parties agree the following terms:

First, shall ensure the use of this site before they enter the User ID, password, and the data-true and correct; after all information is subject to change membership, Party B shall be updated.

Party B of this site for all online stored value, purchase points, all site computer system automatically records the electronic transaction data subject, in case of disputes, and to the electronic transaction data that standard. If the transaction data B that is not correct, shall promptly notify.

Third, Party B only for the provision of this web site for the points, the medium of exchange of commodities, B through the website with other members of the transactions, the legal relationship exists only between B and other members of Party collected only from the transaction equal to $50 of management fees (motorized adjustment Party may at any time). Also on this website for any publication of trading information, almost nothing to do with the Party; also Party to the transactions through this website points, commodities, also without any warranty.

Fourth, in one of the following circumstances occur, the employer may at any time to stop, suspend our website service, Party B shall be no requirement for any damages, compensation:

(A) equipment for the website of the construction of the necessary maintenance;

(B) the occurrence of sudden equipment failure;

(C) the application for this site can not provide ISP services industry;

(D) force majeure due to factors such as natural disasters, or other reasons not attributable to Party A, makes it impossible to provide services.

Fifth, such as the hypocrisy of that Party B is not correct way of using the stored value, stored-value of Party B is entitled to deduct points, and reserves the right to terminate the party membership and the right to use the services.

VI, B should understand and agree that the website and the game may be a result of Party A, the other third-party ISP industry or related hardware and software equipment failure or system failure, obstruction in whole or in part of the interrupt, is temporarily unavailable, delayed, or data transmission or storage on the cause of the error, or by a third party into the system altered or forged or altered data, etc. Party will try to be reinstated, but if the situation can not be undone, the Party shall not thereby claim any compensation or damages.

If the private party provided false personal data or completing the original log data is not real without updates, the employer may terminate the party membership at any time and the right to use the services.

VIII, Party B agrees to maintain its confidentiality Member ID and password security, such as the User ID and password from unauthorized use of, or any other safety problems occur, the party should immediately end the use of its account, and as soon as possible to a party notice.

Nine, where there are unscrupulous persons involved, the parties shall own legal liability. When Party B a reasonable doubt illegalities occur, Employer B than at any time terminate the membership and the use of the service rights, and the employer may take the initiative or with the relevant units and related carriers, transferred B related information for prosecutors and police authority members of the investigation and handling.

X. Party reserves the right to stop and change the content of the services on this website, or terminate the right to use the party member account. And in any case, for security only, change or terminate the party membership services account, it may be third party or damage caused, the Party will bear no liability.

XI Party reserves the right to modify the right of this Agreement and will modify the contracts, notice changes in the content of this website, without further notice to Party B for the individual. If Party B does not agree to amend the content, please do not continue to use the Service; If Party B continues to use the Service, will be deemed to modify its consent to the contents of the contract.

Second, any provision of this Agreement is invalid in whole or in part, does not affect the effectiveness of other effective terms.

XIII matters not specified in this Agreement, shall be ruled by the Republic of China laws, regulations and practices to deal with the basis; such as A, B and the two sides due to the contract dispute, a dispute arising from all the litigation, have agreed to the Taiwan Taipei District Court of first instance court of competent jurisdiction.